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FO: Heroine Shawl


Happy 75th Birthday Wonder Woman! This shawl has been done for weeks but I only just now got around to taking pictures. And they’re really dumb pictures. But whatever. So I was super gung-ho about knitting this shawl. So much so that, the minute I saw the pattern, I immediately […]

Friday Finds


Apparently I’m in a colorwork frame of mind—must be fall! It’s got all my favorite colors, purple, green, gold, orange, red… What’s inspiring you these days? Barbara Benson, La Dame Blanche ($6) Emma Wright, Apple Blossom Jumper (£2.99) Regina Moessmer, Anoushka (€6.90) JennyPenny, Smaug Mittens (SEK 40) Eileen Vito, Just […]

Friday Finds


Happy Friday! This is Rhinebeck weekend and I am 96% sure I am not going. Last month I had to have expensive car repairs done to my car, and no one I know nearby is going, so even though I really really really want to go and see people, I […]

Friday Finds


Hey hey, it’s another Friday and I have another Friday Finds post! Will wonders never cease. OH AND I STARTED ANOTHER BABY BLANKET. Let’s just churn these out like crazy, shall we? Amy Christoffers, Bracken Shawl ($6) Julia Wardell, Dark Seed Shawl ($5) Kay Hopkins, Crater Lake Cardigan ($7) Kate […]

FO: Tamarix Quilt


OMG, people, I have finished TWO THINGS in the last few days and I do not know what to do with myself. One of those things I finished is the Tamarix Quilt which I knit for Megi’s son Logan (who is about a year and a half now, so totally doing […]

Friday Finds

Oh geez, how is it already the end of September? I did finally finish one of the five remaining baby blankets from last year’s really questionable plan to knit a baby blanket for six of my friend’s babies (look I said it was questionable, okay? Though I did finish one […]

Friday Finds

It’s been a busy month, and the only reason I’m able to get this up today is because I’m home with a head cold. So forgive the brevity, I’m barely conscious. handmade by Sminé, Biased Wrap ($6.50) Annika Barranti, Birdcage ($5) Cristina Ghirlanda, By Airmail (€5.40) Nona Davenport, Regal Brioche […]

Friday Finds

This was intended to be last week’s Friday Finds, but things got crazy and then I got distracted so here it finally is! Emma Welford, Aventail (Instagram KAL—@emmawelford) Melanie Berg, My Cryptonite (€5.20) Tomboy Nanny, Rainbow Waldorf Star Blanket ($6; crochet) Andrea Mowry, Ramble ($6.50) Brenda Grobler, Rebel (free) Gina […]

Friday Finds


I’m going to need someone to talk me out of driving to Salem, MA, this weekend to pick up the new Rowan book. While I debate internally, here are some patterns for you! Samantha Perrault, Positively Patched (CAD$7) Anna Elliot, Ursa Minor (£4) Emma Welford, San Drea Shawl ($5) Casapinka, […]

Friday Finds

Looking forward to the weekend! Is it weird that I’m looking forward to doing a bunch of knitting math? It’s weird, isn’t it? Here, these people have done all the math for you. Wenche Roald, Elins Kofte (50NOK; Norwegian only) Jennifer Weissman, Changing Light ($5.50; on sale through 12 pm […]