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Sweaterday: The Petrie Edition

Well, I’ve given up on trying to get photos that really show off Petrie. Between the weather, my schedule, and my inability to pose in a way that shows off the sweater to its best in the pictures that I did get, this is as good as we’re gonna get.


And yes, that ice cream was divine.

There’s not a whole lot to say about this sweater, other than I LOVE IT and it’s super easy to knit and everyone should try to knit one in their lifetime. Or something. The only shaping is the armhole shaping (which, if I knit this again, I may make a little bit shorter, as the armholes are a bit deeper than I’d really like), and when worked in a cotton yarn, it has delicious drape and is a nice, comfortable knit to wear on warm spring days. I made no modifications, I loved the yarn, the seaming was super duper easy and actually kind of magical once I got into itโ€”the stitches just melted into one another to form a smooth, clean seam. Mattress stitch is genius! And I’m easily impressed.

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