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Finished Object: Marigold Socks

“BAM!” said the lady with the awesome socks and zombie shoes.

Marigold Socks

Yep. Zombie shoes.

You probably want to hear about the knitting, though, don’t you?

Marigold Socks

I know I mentioned this before, but these socks almost literally flew off the needles. I knit the first sock in three days, two of which were weekends, so I could knock out a good chunk. I started the second sock on Friday evening, and I didn’t spend as much time over the weekend working on it, so it took a little bit longer. But still! Super fast knits, these.

Marigold Socks

The pattern is really easy to memorize, a super simple 9 stitch, 8 row repeat—5 of those rows are “knit.” You can remember that. It helped that I’d knit Farnkrautsocken in April, because the stitch pattern was actually sort of similar, with the same stitch sequence worked over four rows with a one-stitch offset. Marigold has four extra rows, but it’s all knitting except for one row of purling for the garter stitch ridge.

Marigold Socks

And I love the pattern with the yarn! It’s Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sock in the “Vera” colorway. NO, I did not buy yarn because it shares a name with my cat. (Okay, that wasn’t the only reason I bought this colorway.) It’s not billed as a self-striping yarn, but this project had the magical convergence of stitch number plus color repeat to make a slightly stripy effect. And as with all socks I’ve knit in this yarn, I could immediately put them on and walk out the door, if I’d wanted to. I did block these because I wanted the eyelets to really pop for the photographs. But I’ve been wearing my socks all day today and they’re super comfy.

True story: I used to shun the idea of ever knitting socks in any yarn but Lorna’s. I’ve since opened my mind (and my wallet) to a number of other, equally wonderful sock yarns, but I jealously guard my stash of Lorna’s.

Okay, fine. One more shot of the zombie shoes.

Marigold Socks

You’re welcome.

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  1. those look lovely! The socks, I mean. Not so into the zombie shoes, myself 😉 May have to give those a go, at some point. Once I’ve actually gotten to knit socks lol

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