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The past few weeks, I’ve seen a veritable explosion of traffic to this blog, so I want to take a moment to thank everyone who’s shared a link, either to a Friday Finds or the Design Theory posts. I love having a place to sit and chatter about knitting with people, many of whom I’ve never met in real life. You all are the bomb diggity! I hope you all have a lovely weekend, doing what you do.

  • Joan of Dark’s new knitting book, Knits for Nerds now has a cover image up, and it’s hilarious! Joan also wrote Knock Down Knits, full roller derby–inspired knitting patterns, and I can’t wait to flip through Knits for Nerds!
  • Allyson over at the Sweatshop of Love has a new free headband pattern available for download. It looks really cute and easy to make; maybe I’ll make a few to bust some stash yarn!

  • Derya has posted a follow up to her fantastic Shawl Cheat Sheet, this time taking a look at shawl edgings. This is super handy, as I always tend to get stuck when working out a border.
  • I love this cute little crochet half-apron from Lisa Gutierrez. Tessa is a free crochet pattern with easy modifications to make a larger or smaller apron. (I kind of love aprons.)

  • Lovely Rita is SO CUTE. I love how this little girl’s jumper goes transitions between colors of yarn. So darling.

  • Ruth Garcia-Alcantud’s just published a lovely lacy hoodie called Chambourcin. The open lace pattern in a fingering weight yarn would be perfect for cooler summer evenings.

  • Sivia Harding’s Harmonia’s Rings Sweater is a study in fantastic construction. Look at that collar! Giant ribbed cables? Some mind-bending twist? What’s happening there, and how does it contain so much awesome?

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  1. I started the headband tonight! Very cute and now I can do cables! Yay! I have been putting off learning, but this quick little pattern was the perfect thing to entice me to jump right in. Thanks for posting it!

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