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Friday Finds

My allergy medicine ran out way too early today, so no preamble here.

  • I love the mix of knitting and Brugger crochet lace in the Katharina Lace Shawl (€7.90) by Christiane Klink.

  • A new cardigan design from Veera Välimäki: Driven (€4.90).

  • Sheep Heid (£2.50) by Kate Davies is a whimsically rustic tam with little sheep worked in a stranded colorwork motif.

  • Danielle Chalson’s Zuni Shawl ($4) is a departure from the flowy curves of most shawls with its geometric edge.

  • And finally, another new knockout design from Amy Christoffers, Pinoli ($7). I can’t resist a zippered hoodie.

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