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Sweaterday: Practically done

So so so close!


Sleeves are in, seams are sewn, hood is grafted, the majority of the ends are woven in, all that remains is knitting the edging around the neckline and hood. I probably would have finished my Chambourcin this week, except I realized I needed to finish another project so I can put in the mail. This project, in fact.


More on that little guy, probably on Monday.

I love this sweater. I tried it on today, after putting it all together, and it fits wonderfully and will be so cute when the edging is finished. I’m hoping to finish it this week, along with a baby cardigan, but it may be a little while before modeled shots happen, as I don’t really know that my parents can figure out my camera, even with instructions.


What are you working on this weekend?

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