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Month in Review: March 2012

I mentioned yesterday that March was pretty lively in some regards, and the knitting front is no exception! I finished two cardigans for me, one cardigan for a baby, and knit a shawl–a post on that coming soon! I also started a scarf for myself and made plans to knit lots of other things but didn’t quite get to it.

In reverse order, we have my Cascade, knit for a friend’s little girl. I can’t wait until she’s big enough to wear it; I just hope she waits to grow that much so it’s cool enough for her to wear it.

And then we have my Delancey Cardigan, knit as part of the Sweatshop of Love Knitalong. I finished this cardigan in one month. Aka, half the time the knitalong is running. Oops.

Finally (or firstly), there’s my Larch, which is super snuggly and warm! Also from a knitalong that I was hosting in the 2012 Sweater Odyssey group on Ravelry.

This month I also interviewed Amy Christoffers as part of the knitalong. Not only is she one of my favorite designers, but she’s one of my favorite people now, as well (okay, she kind of was before, but now even more so!).

I introduced a new weekly blog post, called Kickstart, mostly as a way for me to get pumped about the work week on Mondays.

And I didn’t buy any yarn. I was tempted, oh was I ever tempted, by the likes of Roman Hills and Apothecary Yarns and Your Mom Knits, among others, but I resisted. RESISTED.


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