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Here in the U.S. some of us have a three-day weekend, and this is the first time in a while that my company’s given us the day off. I’m looking forward to getting some knitting done, as well as some photography of finished objects that I haven’t quite gotten to yet, and of course, lounging about the house in pajamas as much as possible.

If you’re interested in the Puff Stitch Scarf Crochetalong (which I mentioned in December and not really much since then), my friend Jacinta created a Ravelry group for the blog and a bunch of us are busy planning away for our scarves! Please come join us and say hi, even if you’re not planning to participate in the crochetalong.

And now for this week’s Friday Finds! I’m still working through the backlog of patterns that I collected. I just keep adding to the list, so I imagine it will be a long time to get through everything.

  • Abigail Wang’s Roommate’s Favorite Sweater ($4.99) is a crocheted circle jacket worked in two delightfully bright colors and a bulky weight yarn. Quick and colorful is always a plus in my book.

  • And another bulky colorful crochet creation from Abigail Wang, the Business Major Cowl ($4.99) would be a super fast project, perfect for these winter days we’re experiencing that can’t decide just how warm they want to be.

  • Kiki, Paperi, and Sakset (€5) by Jatta Saukko are three patterns featuring a squishy honeycomb stitch, set into a cowl, a capelet, and a pair of legwarmers.

  • Kate Davies’s Snawpaws (£2.75) is a fingerless mittens and mittens set with a stranded snowflake pattern and pretty cute little pompoms, if pompoms are your thing. I’m growing to appreciate them in very, very small doses. Preferably on small children.

  • Teresa Gregorio’s Thistle Garden (CAD$8) is a gorgeous raglan cardigan worked in seed stitch with a lace buttonband. Fitted and flattering, I would probably be knitting this right now if I was not on a yarn buying embargo.

  • Poe ($6) by Corrina Ferguson is another shawl in Corrina’s Seven Sonnets collection. A center lace panel is flanked by undulating waves with a simple ribbed edge to finish.

  • I love all of the patterns in Kerin Dimeler-Lawrence’s Illuminated Lines eBook ($9.99), inspired by illuminated manuscripts. My favorites are the three garment patterns, Circlet Cardigan, Fia Pullover (shown), and Galloway Pullover. Each pattern is also available for individual purchase.

  • Sterntaler (€2.50) by Lotta Groeger are lovely knee-high socks with a simple bit of flair at the tops.


All project photos are taken from the individual Ravelry pattern pages unless otherwise noted. No copyright infringement intended.

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  1. Great Finds! The little fox hat omg!

    I have a though for the suggestion box. Would you consider maybe one Friday a month, like the last one or something, doing a “free edition” of Friday Finds, featuring only free patterns? I know I’d be a fan!

    1. Not a bad idea! I usually try to incorporate at least 1 free pattern every week, but I’m still working through a back log (some of these patterns were added to my “include this!” list last year!), and there haven’t been a lot of free patterns that I’m really in love with of late. Maybe I’m going through a picky phase. But I will certainly keep this in mind!

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