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Sweaterday: Two-Tone


I made so much progress on my Raindance over the last week! Spending seven hours in a car over the weekend on the way to and from Steamboat Springs will do that for a person.


It’s a lot of stockinette stitch and pretty boring but great for being in a car with nothing else to do. There’s a little bit of shaping for the front and back, but otherwise, it’s miles of stockinette.

The instructions give you options for joining the ends of the body together, and I went with a three-needle bind off, because I was too lazy to graft the ends.


Then I switched to the teal shade for the yoke, and am working away on that! I’ve separated for the left front and started working it, but I read the instructions incorrectly so I had to rip back yesterday afternoon. It’s really speedy though, so I expect this will be finished fairly quickly. I’m excited to wear this sweater as soon as possible!

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