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FO: Puffy Scarf

I have been on a yarn-crafting RAMPAGE this month. In trying to keep my mind focused on not bringing yarn home and instead knitting with what I have, I’ve been tallying all the yards out of finished projects. I’ll post a final tally at the end of the month, with the Month in Review post, but between my Raindance and a few projects you haven’t seen yet and this Puffy Stitch Scarf, I’m churning out yarn like nobody’s business.

Which inevitably means that in a few weeks I’ll look around and realize I have way too much knitwear lying around my house and start pawning it off onto other people.

But not this. Nooooo, precious, not my puffy.


The secret to churning out a lot of yardage appears to be “stock your queue with an insane amount of patterns that are just complicated enough to be really interesting and addictive while not being so complicated you have to pay attention to much of anything.” This works for me mostly with knitting, as I can just feel the stitches and pay attention to the TV or a book (yes, I can read from my Kindle and knit at the same time; while this is maybe not so clever as super-human strength or something, it’s not so bad a super power). I have to pay more attention to crochet, HOWEVER I did manage to work on this in a dark movie theater through part of Breaking Dawn Part 2 which I only saw because it had Lee Pace in it and crocheting kept me from throwing popcorn at the screen (that and the number of people sitting in front of me).


Of course somewhere along the line (before crocheting in a movie theater, I’ll have you know) I went crazy and added an extra puff, so while this starts with 11 puffs, it ended up with 12 and I don’t really care. THAT MUCH MORE PUFFINESS CAN’T HURT.


The yarn is Madelinetosh Tosh Vintage and I used all three skeins (I maybe like 4 yards tops left from the last skein at the end; couldn’t quite get a full row out of that) and it could probably do with a good soak and blocking but I’d have to take this off to do that. It’s really long, probably close to seven feet (that’s a lot of centimeters for you metric folks) which I love, because it means I can wrap it around in a bunch of different ways and there’s a good amount of “tail” hanging down.

There are few things worse in this world than a scarf that ends with little nubbly tails after you wrap it.

Are you crochetingalong with us? How’s your scarf going? There’s still time to make one before the end of the month!

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