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Super Six: May

I had a lot of fun doing this last month and it doesn’t really require that much brain power—”Dear self, what are you looking forward to this month, signed, yourself”—so why not keep this up?

Warning: this is going to be half-movie related because we’re getting toward movie season and I love me some movies.

  1. Iron Man 3.

    via ComicBookMovie

    Yeah that’s not Robert Downey Jr., it is Gwyneth Paltrow, but if you’ve seen or heard about a particular trailer, you can probably understand some of my excitement and this choice of picture.

  2. Star Trek: Into Darkness

    via Collider

    I was so pleasantly surprised by how much I loved the 2009 Star Trek that I saw it four times in the theater. I’m a little afraid this new offering won’t live up to the hype I’ve given it. Note to self: Simmer down.

  3. Thor: The Dark World trailer

    via The Mary Sue

    Yeah this happened last week or so but I haven’t watched it nearly enough times so I am looking forward to memorizing every line in a 90 second or whatever trailer this month because it’s that awesome.

  4. knitting
    (I don’t need to show you a picture of knitting, do I? You know what that looks like, right?)
    This may seem like a silly thing to list on a knitting blog, but there was not a whole lot of knitting happening in April. I don’t know how much will happen in May, either, but I’m finally feeling like I’m getting back into the swing of things—I’ve been itching to cast on for a pair of socks and that hasn’t happened in… months. I had to go look this up. I last finished a pair of socks in October. That’s a decent amount of time for a gal who once knit 10 pairs of socks in a year.

  5. Memorial Day
    Long regarded (by me, anyway) as the first official weekend of summer cookouts and patio drinking and whatever, I am looking forward to this weekend. Hopefully it will not be snowing.

  6. Drive-in movies
    YES WE HAVE A DRIVE-IN MOVIE THEATER AND YES IT’S OPEN FOR BUSINESS ALREADY. Never mind that it’s been too cold to really enjoy a drive-in movie theater. Ours just got digital projectors installed and I cannot wait to grab some friends and visit the drive-in.

    edit: apparently this requires more brainpower than previously thought because I just realized…

  7. LEGO Harry Potter.
    Peeps, if you have an iPHone, you can download the entire version of both LEGO Harry Potter games (and the DC Batman game) for a measly $5 each and OMG THE FUN. I’m almost done with the first HP game (by done, I mean, I’ve almost collected everything, am literally about 90% done with the whole damn game) and I just got it last Friday.

There was something else I remembered but I’ve already forgotten it. Brainpower, it’s pretty helpful.

What are you excited about this month?

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  1. Ohmygod there’s a LEGO Harry Potter FOR MY PHONE?!?!?!?! You are the best person in the world for telling me this!

    And I also am super-excited for Iron Man 3 starring Gwyneth Paltrow! In a suit! Yes.

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