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Month in Review: May 2013

Well this will be a fairly short post. This year got crazy busy; if things aren’t going nuts at work, they’re exploding at home. And sometimes both! Next month I have to work on packing up my apartment, and work will be busy still, so things may remain quiet around here, but there should be a bit more knitting time. At least, there is in my dreams.

This month I made a lot of progress on my Maxfield Cardigan. I’ve run out if steams bit, mostly because the temps have moved past “comfortable cardigan wearing range,” but I really want to finish it! I added length to the body, so I’m going to run out of Waistcoat (the blue yarn) before I finish the front ribbing… so I’m thinking the ribbing might end up orange, in the Satsuma.


I’ve got twelve more repeats to the second front chevron band, a lot of ends to weave in (a lot to me, that is), the aforementioned ribbing, and a good dunking of the finished cardigan standing between me and a finished object. I’m hoping I can do all of this before Estes Wool Market. I’m pretty sure I’m delusional.

I did buy some yarn, as Your Mom Knits on Etsy had dyed Lost Girl yarn and some skeins in a Loki color and, well.

At least, I think that was this month. I’m not entirely sure.

It is almost June, right?

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