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WIP Wednesday

The facts are these.

This is going to be the most boring WIP Wednesday ever (and next week’s may not be too interesting either), because after I finished the baby projects, I started working on the Rosemary Cardigan and that’s all I’ve been working on since. I didn’t get as much progress over the weekend—helped some friends move to Arizona by driving one of their cars and then flew back up to Colorado on Monday morning, so didn’t really have a lot of knitting time. I have made a good amount of progress on it though—I’m done with the waist decreases (of course, I moved the back decreases to the back of the body because that’s what I do these days) and have about three inches of Stockinette before I start the increases.

I am traveling again this weekend, this time to Maine for my cousin’s wedding. I’m debating between taking this project on the plane or packing another, smaller project (you know, one I’d have to cast on) for plane knitting and just stashing this in my suitcase until I’m able to spread out with it.

The Alpine Frost Scarf does travel well, or there’s the Glacerie Shawl I want to knit for a KAL, and I plan to knit the Dovetail Cowl in yarn my mom bought for me in Ireland…

Obviously the problem here is not a lack of options.

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