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Rhinebeck Recap

Rhinebeck was a blast. A terrible-for-my-plans-to-stash-down blast, but I’m not sure what else I expected. I originally wrote a much longer post but then when I added the photos, the post got really long and also I forgot to upload some of my other photos, so this is Rhinebeck recap part 1: The Yarn.

I started slowly, not purchasing anything until late afternoon on Saturday. I bought a project bag from Three Bags Full, completely unable to resist the Paris street map print. My first yarn purchase was two skeins of fingering weight from the Biltmore Wool Barn from Massachusetts. The colors just drew me in to their booth. I’m going to use the blue-green color to make the hat and mitts from Chime, by Amy Christoffers. Haven’t figured out what the mauve skein might be.

Biltmore Wool Barn + Chime

Then I came across the Battenkill booth and fell down hard. A woman at the booth explained how the yarn is 100% raised, milled, and processed around Greenwich, New York. This DK-weight yarn is so freaking squishy and I love the shades of purple. I am going to see if I can turn it into a Pippin by Gudrun Johnston (oh yes, I also picked up my copy of The Rhinebeck Sweater book and Ysolda signed it!). The pattern calls for worsted but I think I have enough to make this work, it will require swatching, of course.

Battenkill + Pippin

I also picked up a few skeins of Periwinkle Sheep yarn. Two in the Watercolors II base, in Atlantic, and one on Wink with gold sparkles, in the Shields of Garnet color. The watercolors yarns are going to be a Paravel by Megan Goodacre. I’m not sure just yet what the gold Wink is going to be.

Paravel + Periwinkle Sheep

And that was Saturday. On Sunday, I fell down a little more at the Into the Whirled booth because I saw the always dangerous word “sale.” I picked up two skeins of their MCN fingering base Manchester in Atomic for the price of one, and the skein of Gloucester in End of Summer. I think Atomic wants to be Ysolda Teague’s Rapunzel socks, while End of Summer would be great in Socktopus’s Kandahar socks.

Rapunzel + Into the Whirled
Into the Whirled + Kandahar

My arm was totally (not) twisted into buying three skeins of cashmere-wool in the Still River Farms booth. I can’t decide if they’re going to be a hat or a pair of mitts, but they’re definitely going to be color work and quite possibly too warm to wear, ever, and I don’t care.


I went to the Holiday Yarns booth intending to just look at the Stitch by Jessilu bags, and I did get a small bag, as well as a skein of FlockSock in Namaste. I think this would be awesome in Wendy Johnson’s Basket Case Socks.

Holiday Yarns + Basket Case

And finally, I kept circling the Dirty Water Dyeworks booth, glancing longingly at their Edna Extra (polwarth and silk! Over 700 yards a skein!) and realized I could get two skeins—just two!—to knit Mercedes Tarasovich-Clark’s Fortune Bay, so I splurged.

Fortune Bay + Dirty Water DyeWorks

Forgot to get a picture of my Three Bags Full project bag, but I picked up an official NY Sheep and Wool bag, in addition to the robot bag from Stitch by Jessilu.


I have this crazy (really crazy) idea that I have to knit all of these yarns by Rhinebeck next year. I’m not sure of the likelihood that I’ll be able to go again next year, but somehow I think I’ll feel better if I’m able to churn out these projects and bust this out (and more of my existing stash).

And also, my credit cards are on serious business lock down now.

All pattern photos are from the Ravelry pattern pages and are the copyright of the individual designers/photographers. No infringement intended.

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  1. Great recap post! I really like how you included pics of the intended FOs for each yarn.
    Into the Whirled got me, too! I had to pick up two different hanks. Not sure what they’ll be, but man, they’re pretty.

    1. I included the photos to add accountability to myself—”see, you have plans for these, so get cracking!” Also, as part justification. Which colors of Into the Whirled did you get? I really like their Pakkoku base, that’s what I used for my Bowties are Cool socks.

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