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WIP Wednesday

The facts are these.

Rosemary Cardigan
I finished knitting the sleeve to my mother’s desired length (slightly shorter than what the pattern calls for), and have begun attaching it to the body. Since I reversed everything, I’m having to do a weird short-row-esque thing where I just knit back and forth but bind off stitches as I work my way up the arm and I need to line up and mark the positioning somehow but haven’t quite done that yet. Adventure knitting, I tell you.


With any luck, this entire paragraph will be a moot point by the time you’re reading this, because I am approximately eight rows away from finishing this shawl. Eight very long rows. Almost painfully long. But there is a light at the end of the tunnel and it is this lovely bright orange color and this thing needs to be done already so I can wear it. FINISHED IT. IT’S IN A BATH RIGHT NOW.


I mentioned this last week, but I needed a project for plane and walking around knitting at Rhinebeck. I tried working up Lateral first, but the sock was coming out too big and I didn’t really love the pattern in this yarn, so I switched to Strathcona and I really feel it was the right choice. I really didn’t knit on this too terribly much—about an hour and a half on the plane on Friday, here and there Saturday and Sunday, and some more on the plane Monday—and it’s just zipping right along. Essentially a biased garter stitch scarf with these eyelets and decreases thrown in, it’s super easy and really mindless and exactly what I need in an on-the-go project.


I also knit a swatch for Hiro. I didn’t photograph it, but I need to calculate pre-block numbers and then give it a bath. I’m really happy with the fabric and think it will make an excellent sweater and I’m super stoked to start it next Friday, for the kick off to NaKniSweMo.

How are you progressing?

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