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FO: Long Sands Cardigan

This is going to be a solid week of posting! I photographed my Glacerie shawl over the weekend, and just finished my Strathcona scarf last night (though will probably have to wait to take photos this weekend). It’s official—cooler weather = return of the knitting mojo.

So Long Sands by Amy Christoffers is officially the fastest I’ve ever knit a garment for myself. Seven days to knit, plus another day or so for seaming, and boom! Done.

Of course now I’m kind of spoiled for knitting anything with a lighter yarn. Bulky weight is the trick, my friends!

Knitwear shot, album cover, I can’t decide.

I managed to eke out the cardigan using just over 800 yards of Plymouth Taria Tweed, a super lofty yarn in a turquoise color with flecks of yellow. I love this color. I’m in love with tweed in general and the unusual-ish color combination just delights me. Plus it looks wonderful against autumn leaves!


I did a mishmash of sizing, knitting the body for one size larger than what I would usually knit (to account for the difference in yarn weight from the Taria Tweed to the original yarn), but the sleeves were knit to fit my usual size, with adjustments in the sleeve caps to make them line up. The seaming of the sleeves is not the best that I’ve ever done but no one commented on it if they noticed it over the weekend, so it’s clearly not that bad.


And yes. It matches my hair.

I called it Crazy Train on Ravelry because I was clearly on board the crazy train, but THEN, I realized the stitch pattern on the bands and wrists reminded me of train tracks, so it was clearly meant to be.


Also I look a little crazed in that photo, but that’s what knitting a cardigan in seven days will do to a person.

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