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Super Six: December 2013

I realize it’s Wednesday, but I’m a little stalled out on projects so I don’t have much to show. I put my mom’s cardigan together and even did the button band, but I’m not happy with it—I tried to be fancy with the buttonholes and the bind off and that was just stupid. So I’m contemplating ripping that out and redoing it. Meanwhile I was just assigned a swap partner for a Ravelry swap, and I haven’t started on that thing (and I can’t show it here anyway, just in case the person to whom I am sending is reading over my shoulder).

So yeah, today is all about December’s Super Six, and I’m going to go in reverse order because I can.

6. Vacation. I have 7.5 days left in the year. This excites me greatly.

5. Family. I’m spending about two weeks with my family in Florida for the holidays. While I don’t exactly love going to Florida—you know how many sweaters I have and let me tell you, I can’t wear any of them in Florida during the winter—but it will be nice to visit with my family and see them for such a long time! I’ll also get to visit my Florida friends without having to be too terribly rushed, as I have been the last few years.

4. Snow! Colorado got a big dumping of snow last night and this morning and it’s so so so pretty. Still sucks a whole lot for driving. But is pretty.

3. Birthday! My birthday is this month! I have a convoluted relationship with my birthday, but right now I’m excited about it, so it’s going on the list.

2. Baking and fireplaces and all of those things associated with winter. My love of knitting is preceded and enhanced by my love of winter. I love everything that has to do with winter. I turned on my fireplace last night (that is such a weird sentence; I’ve never had a gas fireplace before), and the world just felt right.

1. THE HOBBIT. I don’t need to say more, right?


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What are you looking forward to this month?

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