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FO: Sombra

OMG I finished a thing!

Despite various trials involved in knitting this—none of them because of the pattern itself—I’m really happy with the way this turned out. When I first saw Sombra in the preview for the newest issue of Pom Pom, I just loved it. And had to have it. I happened to have three skeins of Sanguine Gryphon Mithril in my stash in colors that blended nicely together, so I forged ahead.

While both Mithril and Habu XS-43B are listed as laceweight, the Habu is much lighter than Mithril, which meant my gauge was going to be wacky no matter what. I cast on for the 50″ size, even though the pattern recommends about 12″ of positive ease—I don’t really like that much ease for myself. Maybe it’s just me, but being a bigger lady, a lot of ease just makes me feel like I’m wearing an unflattering tent.

I ran out of my main color in knitting the back shoulders, so I ripped out the front shoulders (I thought the neckline was a bit too deep for my liking anyway) and reworked it. I made some modifications to the pattern—changed to a larger needle size after introducing the second color to make sure the fabric would have enough drape, and left off sleeves (because I ran out of yarn). I worked the back neck a little differently than written, and also did the shoulder shaping differently to conserve yarn and make sure my arms would fit.

The pattern is really well written—none of my changes were made because of the pattern. It was more a matter of adapting to my yarn at hand and personal preferences.

It feels so good to finish a thing! I’ve also got the Anice shawl to show you soon.

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  1. I agree, I totally fell in love with the sweather when I saw the issue of Pom Pom.
    Your verison looks lovely. I really like your colors. I also think it looks nice sleeveless.

  2. Amy, that is SO CUTE. YOU ARE SO CUTE. I think you chose the right fit (12″ is a LOT of positive ease!) and it looks awesome on you! And I don’t think the colors could be any more perfect. I can’t believe you had those in stash!

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