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FO: Anice

Let me tell you a secret. One most of you have probably figured out by now but just in case—when you make a booboo in a knitting project, don’t photograph the mistake. I mean, unless it’s a learning tool, then the entire point is to photograph it.

I know I talked about my problems with knitting Anice (all user error, the pattern itself is flawless). What you can’t see here is the one corner that’s a completely different color, because I didn’t have anything remotely similar in my stash.

This is how we fool people into thinking we’re super awesome knitters who never make mistakes. Just don’t talk about the mistakes! Except maybe in a super meta way. Or in a babbling blog post.

In the end, the small bit of the shawl that’s not the right color isn’t the end of the world. This shawl is quite large—I pinned it out on my bed, which is a queen size (I can’t remember actual measurements). End to end, it’s as long as the bed. It’s more than half the width of the bed. That small off-color bit can be tucked up out of the way, or (dare I say it) shown off as evidence of it being handmade with loads of love and a little bit of mathematical stupidity.

Basically, just go with it. It’s fine. Stop worrying. And maybe don’t write blog posts with a headache.

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