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This here is Bonny, designed by Tincanknits. I’ve loved a lot of their patterns but haven’t knit one before now. I have to say, they write a good pattern—this one in particular (I can only speak to this one) is a little over-written, in my opinion, but I think if you’re new to garment knitting, it has just the kind of information you need for a successful project. There’s nothing wrong with the pattern writing, it’s just a style preference.

I mean, between the modifications/pattern-cobbling I generally do, I guess I’m kind of a “choose your own adventure” knitter. That’s not the point.

The point is I FINISHED A THING. Another laceweight thing. There are no more laceweight things currently on my needles! (Don’t look in that one project bag and that’s a crochet hook, not needles.) This top is really comfy. The Anzula Wash My Lace is super light, and maybe a little warm for June but very comfortable and soft. And the lace portion really opened up nicely with a moderately aggressive blocking.

I have some of this yarn leftover and I may add some length to the body—which I contemplated doing earlier but even on size 4s, 13″ of laceweight gets real boring, real fast, so that didn’t happen. But I’m also thinking I may stash bust a hat using some of it, so who knows.

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