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Month in Review: June 2014

June was a welcome return to feeling productive about my knitting. I finished three projects—all of them in laceweight because I’m crazy—and overall, I just felt a lot better about life. Clearly my outlook is heavily tied to the amount of time I get to play with yarn.

First, I finished my Sombra.

This is a great summer sweater—it hasn’t gotten as much wear as it could have because my wardrobe has basically been “black t-shirt and jeans” for the last few weeks (it’s easy, and it’s too hot to think about anything more complex). But I loves it.

And then there was Anice.

Ah Anice. I hope you have made it safely to your new home (or at least, to that destination you were supposed to visit before finally ending up at your new home). Pesky international mail.

Finally we had Bonny.

Another top I really love but doesn’t quite fit into my current color scheme. You guys, I don’t think I’ve ever knit anything that was all black (okay, correction—I’ve never finished anything that was all black) but apparently I need to work on it for those times of year when I just can’t.

There was also a quick post about the importance of blocking—are any of you out there not blocking your projects? Because I can talk about blocking for days. Block. You will thank me, and then yourself, later.

Goal re-cap
Goal 1: No buying yarn June is the first month in which I bought yarn all year. And hopefully the last. It’s all for projects that I really really really really want to knit right now so I’m optimistic it will be gone fairly soon.

Goal 1b: Knit the queue Anice and Bonny were both from my queue! Sombra was an impulse knit but was in stash yarn.

Goal 2: Selfless Knitting Anice was a gift for a friend, and I’m working on my mom’s cardigan, so check that one off.

Goal 3: Finished WIPs Once again, Anice is the shining star this month, as it was a WIP from March that I finished.

I’m hoping to finish my mom’s cardigan in July—the body is blocking (again) and soon it will be time to knit the button bands (again). I also fell down and went boom a bit, so I have some stash acquisition to fess up to once it all arrives. (Well, once the bulk of it arrives, some of it was on backorder.) What are your knitting plans for July?

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