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FO: Rosemary Cardigan

You’ve seen this cardigan pop up a few times on Wordless WIP Wednesday, and maybe you remember the utter debacle that it was when I first “finished” it but now, I am certain, this damned cardigan is done.*

I didn’t model this because even though it fits me, this cardigan is not my style. (Plus, even with yesterday being a nice cool day, it’s kind of too warm to wear a cardigan in the house for any length of time.) My mom has a warmer skin tone than I do and she can wear white pretty well; I think it makes me look sallow. In general I’m not a fan of v-neck cardigans, but she loves them. Overall, while I think the pattern itself is cute, it’s not something I would knit for myself. But it’s what she chose and I hope she likes it!

This pattern had some great learning opportunities. I’d picked up sleeve stitches before, for my Delancey Cardigan, but hadn’t really worked a shoulder saddle into picked up sleeves (Vivian had a shoulder saddle but it was worked differently).

Overall I’m just glad this is done and not hanging over my head any more.

*Except I’m pretty sure the sleeves are too long and I’ll need to fix that when I’m home at Christmas and can fit them to her arms.

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