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Product Review: Second Avenue Swag

As you may have noticed, I knit a lot. And I’m not very good at knitting monogamy. I’m pretty sure I always have at least two projects in the works—mostly because at some point one project gets too big to easily cart around with me, so I start another, more portable project (or project that has portable parts). I never really had an organization system for keeping track of that, but then I started collecting project bags.

I have a number of project bags from various vendors, but my absolute favorite has to be Second Avenue Swag. I’ve got three of her standard size project bags (one is missing from the photo below because I accidentally left it at work), a purse, and a little pocket clutch.


Those standard project bags are pretty sizeable—at one point I fit four skeins of yarn, wound into cakes, into one bag. But when you’re knitting sweaters like crazy, as I have been lately, they usually get to a point where the standard bags are a tight squeeze. (Though this is one argument for knitting sweaters in pieces as opposed to seamless sweaters—body pieces are much easier to take on the go!)

I asked Shannon if she’d work up a slightly larger custom bag for me. I decided an extra three inches in length and width would be perfect, and she whipped up the sweater project bag of my dreams.


It’s not that much bigger in general but nine square inches extra make it perfect for toting sweaters that are nearly complete, such as my Sislana.


I’m relatively certain that if I was an origami master I could squish all of that into a standard box bag, but I am not an origami master. And I don’t like to squish my projects. I’ve had bad luck with losing stitches off the needles. Nothing earth shattering or that I couldn’t fix but why bother when I can now have just a little more maneuvering room?

And like all Second Avenue Swag bags (heh), this one comes with the matching notions case, so I can throw stitch markers, scissors, and darning needles into each one and never be without (full disclosure: I tend to forget to do that, but I like having the ability).


Shannon’s going to be at STITCHES Midwest, sharing a booth with Fresh from the Cauldron yarn (booths 215, 217, 219) so if you’re going to the show August 7–10, be sure to stop by and tell her I said hello! In the meantime, swing by Second Avenue Swag on Etsy to peruse all of Shannon’s fine offerings.

How do you keep your projects organized?

This post is not endorsed in any way, it’s just me sharing my love of super awesome project bags.

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  1. I’m not usually a blog commenter, but this is a subject near and dear to my heart. I ADORE Second Avenue Swag more than is probably healthy, at least for my bank account. I have five SAS box bags, and all of them are in constant use. Right now my most active bag is a TARDIS themed one that is totally living up to it’s “bigger on the inside” reputation – it contains two projects (they’re related), a full cake of yarn, and *four* partial skeins (aaah, colourwork). I take knitting everywhere and all my SAS bags have stood up to my constant abuse, and I’ve never been disappointed with the fantastic customer service (and speed – hi there, shipping to New Zealand!) I get every time. I’ve also got a few as gifts for other people, because the word needed to be spread.

    I could go on, but I’ve probably gabbled long enough. πŸ™‚

  2. NOTIONS CASE!? Brilliant. BRILLIANT! I’m always reaching into the depths of my project bags for scissors and needles that have gotten tangled in my yarn. That is the best idea. Shut up and take my money.

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