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Last Week on the Web

I had this crazy thought that this week’s post would be light on content. Not sure what I was thinking.

Knits in the News
A really interesting study found that sleeping on animal skins, like sheep rugs, as an infant could help ward off certain allergies or asthma.

I’m a sucker for knitted representations of every day life, so of course this knit village is killing me.

Love this Buzzfeed round up of “impossibly clever” knitting and crochet patterns, including a couple from the amazing Lee Meredith!

High fashion sheep! What more do you need in life?

I’m such a fan of Hilary Smith Callis’s designs, and so I loved this interview about her design process.

Go wish Allyson a happy marriage, and check out the rules for her Sweatshop of Love Fall Knitalong!

I love this video glimpse into Mercedes Tarasovich-Clark’s Brioche Chic book!

A must-read for anyone considering a career in the knitting industry: this Twitter conversation is fascinating.

Great textures found in this Autumn Essentials Collection by Rowan—best of all, these patterns are all free!

And of course, the Brooklyn Tweed Fall 2014 collection launched. On paper, this should be my most favorite thing ever—I’ve loved previous Brooklyn Tweed collections to the depths of my soul and I have a serious weakness for fishermen’s sweaters. In practice… I’m not really feeling it right now. The pieces are beautiful, certainly, but many of them feel too familiar. As I was flipping through, I kept thinking “I’ve seen this before. That looks like this other sweater. This is nice but hasn’t it been done?” Maybe I’m just in a mood—and there are certainly pieces I do love, such as Ondawa and Docklight, but in general, my queue, my needles, and my yarn budget are relieved.

That’s all for this week! Have any knitting-related news? Share it with me for next week!

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