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September Pattern Sales!

So there’s a crazy amount of pattern sales going on right now. I’m going to try to keep an updated running list for the month of September—please feel free to shout out if I’ve missed a sale or if anything’s changed!

Melissa Wehrle/Neoknits – 20% off until September 23 – no coupon code needed – only on Neoknits patterns

Plucktember – various designers and retailers offering various discounts with various deadlines—you’ll have to read the whole thread but there are some great deals in there, such as a Joji Locatelli offering until September 21.

Obliviousknits – 50% off through September – coupon code “Plucky” – on all Obliviousknits patterns

Teresa Gregorio/Canary Knits – 32% off through September 22 – coupon code “Tis32” – only on Canary Knits patterns

Kristen TenDyke – 20% off through September 21 – no coupon code needed – on all Kristen TenDyke self-published patterns

Courtney Spainhower/Pink Brutus Knits – 15% off through September 30 – coupon code PBKFall – on all Pink Brutus designs

Mari Chiba/Mari Knits – 10% to 50% off through September 30 – coupon codes provided in blog post – on all Mari Chiba self-published designs

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