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Rhinebeck! Where did you go?! This weekend was a blur, and I’ll have a full write up tomorrow, but here’s other things that happened last week while we were busy finishing our Rhinebeck sweaters.

Knits in the News
I know that holiday gift knitting season is upon us (I even got roped into it this year because my mother asked for not-a-cardigan so I am acquiesing) but in case your carefully crafted hand-made gifts are not received with the reverence they deserve, feel free to point out that the Washington Post’style editor Carolyn Hax says people who bitch about hand-made gifts can suck it. More eloquently than that.

Cute crafty wallpaper for digital devices from MollieMakes.

Because we all need more ammunition in the “why I knit” arsenal, five reasons why knitting is good for you, and one from the Pocono Record here.

Great photos and a fun interview with Kathy Cadigan and Lori Graham about their Grand Shetland Adventure over on Woolful.

Absolutely adorable video with Anna Hrachovec from the Chicago Tribune.

The first half of this is in Italian, but there’s English instructions at the bottom to make cute crochet flower buttons.

I can’t wait for knit octopus onesies to trend on Ravelry.

I just really love this image.

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