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Last Week on the Web

So either last week was kind of a slow week or I just had my head down and didn’t notice a lot of things happening around me—either possibility is highly likely these days. But here’s what I did see happen last week on the web!

Knits in the News
An incredibly depressing yet beautiful gallery from the Daily Mail showcases a completely abandoned yarn mill. As in, one day the mill workers just left, and nothing’s been done since.

Sarah claims this lost sheep was trying to follow her home from Rhinebeck.

You’ve probably seen this before but if you haven’t, here’s a bunch of things you can do with leftover yarn.

Some pretty cool knits featured in this interview with Veronique Leysen.

And finally, Hannah Fettig’s StashBot app seems like a miracle of miracles but the promo video they made may actually outshine the app.

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