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Month in Review: October 2014

Yeah I’m late with this. Not that there was a lot to share, with being so busy.

I went to Rhinebeck and it was awesome! Too brief and short-lived but awesome all the same.

And I finished a shawl!

I also knitted part of my Halloween costume! There hasn’t been an FO post about these mittens because they’re pretty simple and straight forward.

Goal re-cap
Goal 1:No buying yarn
Did you miss the part where I said “Rhinebeck”? Yeah. Fail.
Goal 1b: Knit the queue Those mittens were not in the queue. I think everything else I worked on in October was in-progress.
Goal 2: Selfless Knitting Shawl! Done! And another project I was working on that I haven’t shared yet…
Goal 3: Finished WIPs Shawl was technically a WIP. And I made progress on two other WIPs that I finished at the beginning of November—FO Posts on those soon.

Here’s hoping for a slightly more productive November for me!

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