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FO: Batman Returns-inspired Hat

Look I’m a nerd. You know this about me. So after I’d watched Batman Returns for the ::cough:: time (seriously, I have no idea how many times I’ve watched this movie recently, thank you Netflix), I decided I needed a Catwoman-themed hat.

But not just a hat with Catwoman ears or anything like that. Oh no.

I adore Michelle Pfeiffer as Catwoman and her Selena Kyle is my patronus. So I got this idea in my head to recreate that rather iconic sign from the movie in knit/embroidery form.

Well, it would probably be more iconic if this was the 1990s or if other people had also been binge watching this movie over and over (and over) again. I don’t think anyone on the street has picked up on it, but then they also haven’t picked up on my Deadpool hat or my Black Widow–inspired hat (which I don’t think I ever talked about here, now that I think about it) so either I’m really good at subtlety or I just live in a place where people are nerdy in different ways than me.

Guess what. I’m terrible at subtlety! But I’m pretty good at hats!

My embroidery on knitting skills could use some work though.

Have you added embroidery to knitting before? Any tips and tricks for this newbie?

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  1. I like that the embroidery looks a bit rough and I thought that was intentional, until you said otherwise. It makes it look a little edgy and vaguely dangerous, just like cat woman.

    1. Very few things I do are intentional! 😉 I do like the way it turned out in the end, though in general, my satin stitch could use some practice.

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