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Sorry this is up kind of late! I got knocked on my ass with a head cold earlier this weekend and it’s delayed a lot of things. I hope you had an excellent weekend!

Knits in the News
Radio 4 asked knitters in the United Kingdom to knit Radio 4—in other words, knit up small figures that represent the radio station in the readers’ minds. I’ll be interested to see the results!

We all know how insulating wool is, so it’s awesome to see it used as a reusable/renewable resource in buildings. Campaign for Wool did a write up on Thermafleece Natural Insulation, which will be presented at an eco-building conference.

Ram Yarn Bomb! Do I need to say more?

And a totally yarn-made kitchen.

The World Amigirumi Exhibition is happening now in New York City. Have you gone to this exhibit, or do you plan to?

Holla Knits is staring their fourth year, and once again, there will be a Holla Knits Knitalong! Choose any pattern from three years of Holla Knits collections and finish it or them within the deadline (KAL begins February 2 and ends May 1), receive a free Holla Knits pattern and be entered to win one of the grand prizes! Maybe I’ll finally get around to knitting my Creative Knitting Magazine wrote up a brief reference guide to help you decide how to handle blocking your next finished object.

Hunter Hammersen of Violently Domestic wrote up a post about standard knitting chart symbols—more specifically, how such a concept doesn’t exist. Knitting chart symbols can vary dramatically between publishers and authors/designers, and the best way for us as knitters to handle reading the charts is to read the chart keys. It’s not hard. You can do it.

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  1. My son did his science fair project last year on the insulating properties of wool and how it could be used for home insulation. Not a new concept, but one I’d love to see put into more regular use. 🙂

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