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Month in Review: February 2015

It feels like I just did this for January, and I recognize that February is a short month, but geez.

So, once again, I failed to be better at posting here. I have meant to write many, many posts. But there’s been a few things in my way. One, when I’m at work, things are so insane right now (and likely to say that way until about June, barring significant changes), so I can’t post at work (as I have in the past). Two, when I’m home from work, I avoid computers and most technology. I just need a break—time to watch some relatively mindless television and craft something. So while I am knitting, I’m not very good at sharing it (unless it’s on Instagram—I’m doing okay with my #yearofmaking endeavors, surprisingly enough).

I’ve identified some ways around this—well, one major way, and that’s “spend a few minutes working on blog posts on the weekends” (I mean, my wrists need a break from knitting and needlepoint anyway, so it’s healthy?).

The other problem is that a lot of the things I’m working on, I don’t want to share right now. The Baby Blanket Bonanza is underway, but I really want to keep them a surprise, especially since most of the moms read this blog. There’s been some other projects I’m secreting away for now. And this also explains the lack of Wordless WIP Wednesday—long one of my favorite “columns” here.

So that said, I’m going to make more of an effort to create Wordless WIP Wednesday posts again…but probably with more needlepoint photos. I hope you like a lot of cross-stitching!

Goal Recap:
Goal 1: No buying yarn unless for specific projects that will be cast on immediately
I bought a bunch of yarn. All for Baby Blanket Bonanza. But one of the blankets is also stash busting!
Goal 2: Finish WIPs Nyet.
Goal 3: Simplify Took a bunch of stuff to Goodwill! Already started another pile of stuff to go to Goodwill! Feeling good about this right now!

Some #yearofmaking highlights—be sure to follow me on Instagram to keep up with all the making.

I feel like my stem stitch game is finally on point. (Yes, I said that.)

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How was your February? What did you make and love?

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  1. I spent something like 60% of February sick, so I didn’t get as much making in as I’d hoped, but I finished one sock, did a bunch of swatching, baked a ton and makes some progress on an embroidery project and my first quilt!

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