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Monday Monday Monday. I’m excited because I’m taking this Friday off—more craft time!—so I just have to make it through three more days. Who knows what kind of crafting shenanigans will happen in that time?!

Rachel Coopey is selling these awesome project bags on her website. I want them, precious.

And I also want these great mugs!

Protect your wrists, knitters and crocheters! Stacey at Fresh Stitches shared some of her favorite stretches for wrists.

Turn a phrase into an intarsia chart for all your knitting needs. Mine would involve a lot of expletives at the moment.

Picking up stitches is kind of the bane of my knitting existence. I will do it, but I will generally grumble quite a bit—even though I know it’s not that hard. Let the ladies of Kelbourne Woolens help you perfectly pick up stitches every time. Even with grumbles.

Knitting emojis we’d like to see, thanks to PostStitch.

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