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Crochet graffiti art causes a serious stir in a Brooklyn neighborhood. I’m choosing to focus on the fact that, like some of Olek’s work, yarn bombing is serving as a starter for important conversations that have to happen. Whether or not they will is still to be seen.

This has been making the rounds again… how to draw a knitting person.

Here’s a lovely story about a priest who travels 80 miles to crochet and sing for good causes.

Can we call this a trend yet? Independent yarn dyer Plucky Knitter has launched an app to help buyers and stashers mix colors and get updates on Plucky Knitter yarns. Quince and Co also launched an app (this year I think). Have you used a yarn-specific app?

Cute and functional! A small kitten is stuck into crochet items to help it recover from injuries.

This is coming from an interesting source, but here’s an overview on how cashmere is made

Take out any guesswork associated with knitting hats for anyone with these free reference charts for hat sizes

An older blog from Ysolda also got some coverage this week, as she shared how to avoid “ears” when casting on and binding off.

Moment of Truth

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