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Hey did you guys know that Monday was yesterday? I had the day off work and that clearly means that I lose all concept of time.

Knits in the News
Having a lot of trouble determining if this is cool or creepy or some combination of both: mother knits a life-size version of her son so she can hug and squish it/him forever.

Maine Public Broadcasting Network did a video on Bartlett Yarns Woolen Mill. It’s pretty magical! Watch here or hit play below.

Even if you’re not a fan of tattoos, this round up of 20 knit- and crochet-themed tattoos has some pretty beautiful artwork.

Well this sounds terrible: a farm in Virginia is looking for volunteers to SNUGGLE WITH BABY ANIMALS.

Satire site The Onion posted this great image of Pope Francis wearing knitted vestments.

For anyone who’s ever tried to crochet a granny square and gotten stumped (and it totally happens—they’re sort of a hard thing to spacially understand), Franklin Habit wrote up this excellent tutorial on understanding the granny square.

I’m sure you were all waiting for the coloring book crazy to hit the knitting world, and it finally has with LoveCraft’s Coloring Book. I will also point out that five years ago, Derya at Laylock created the Perpetual Knitting Calendar, a different kind of coloring experience.

Ravelry shared patterns and projects inspired by David Bowie to honor is passing.

Tackling a sweater for the first (or fiftieth) time? Brush up with this wonderful post on the basics of sweater knitting.

Brooklyn Tweed’s Winter 2016 lookbook launched. Much love has been given to Snoqualmie by Michele Wang (and don’t get me wrong, it’s lovely), but I’m really into League and Roslyn, both by Veronik Avery, and another Michele Wang pattern, Cadence.

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