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FO: Heroine Shawl

Happy 75th Birthday Wonder Woman!

This shawl has been done for weeks but I only just now got around to taking pictures. And they’re really dumb pictures. But whatever.

So I was super gung-ho about knitting this shawl. So much so that, the minute I saw the pattern, I immediately ordered yarn to knit it. And then once the yarn showed up, I cast on as soon as I could.

This is noteworthy because I am basically 100% done with shawls and shawl knitting. I rarely ever wear the ones I do have, I don’t feel inclined to make any more (even though I have tons of single skeins of yarn laying around that would make excellent shawls).

I’m happy to have knit this but I don’t feel compelled to wear it. Though now that the weather is supposed to be consistently cooler, maybe that will change.

I will say that this pattern, while fun to knit, could be a little more clearly written. Another friend also started knitting this shawl around the time that I did, but gave up on it after the instructions about when exactly to wrap and turn on the “wings” was supposed to happen—I made it work but it was counter-intuitive to what the pattern said. Also I don’t think mine ended up as wide as the original sample shawl. However, that could be due to using a different yarn, or gauge differences.

The other thing that bums me out a bit is that the red yarn bled into the blue. You can see it in that photo, but in person or when it’s wrapped around my neck, I don’t think it is as noticeable. But the red didn’t adhere to the yellow… I don’t know, I know the blue was evenly dyed before it went into a blocking bath and that’s all I got.

Oh and I’ve got a sweet Wonder Woman shawl to take with me to the Wonder Woman movie next June.

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