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Friday Finds

Happy Friday friends!

If you have a moment, I’d appreciate some feedback. Due to job and life insanity over the last few years, it’s been a struggle, as you know, to find content to blog about. I haven’t been able to craft solely for myself much (though I’m working on changing that), and since a lot of my life involves being online and writing a lot for work, I sometimes find it a struggle to continue to stare at a computer and string together more words, even for a fun personal blog. Maintaining this space is something that’s important to me, but I think I need a new “feature” to rekindle my passion for blogging, and to hopefully inspire other crafters. I used to do a motivational Monday series, called Kick Start, and have considered bringing that back to life—is that something you’d be interested in? Or is there something you think is maybe missing from the blogosphere? Are you just totally over most blogs, period (it’s okay if you are!)? If you have any thoughts or ideas on what you’d like to read, I’d love to hear them.

All project photos are taken from the individual Ravelry pattern pages unless otherwise noted. No copyright infringement intended.

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  1. I liked Kickstart, and would enjoy if that came back. Even though I’m often way behind on the posts, I think it would still be fun whenever I came across it even if it wasn’t actual Monday for me. But also I 100% understand not wanting to spend any more time in front of a screen producing content during your free time after you’ve done that all day long. So yeah, if you think Kickstart or something similar would be fun, go for it! I think what’s most important is to do things that bring *you* joy. <3

  2. Agree that you should do whatever brings you the most joy! I will say that I enjoyed KickStart, and I also look forward to these Friday finds posts. I’m still here reading blogs, especially now that I’m back at a desk job!

  3. Kickstart and Friday Finds sound good. You could also do something like Wednesday Wowza and talk about an awesome live show you went to or a knitting or handmade project you saw online or saw IRL and talk about it… you could do a RI version and then ask us to send you some WWOWZAS…just thinking out loud… xoxo.

  4. I dig Kickstart. I’ll say this: your Friday Finds is the only regular blog feature on anything anywhere I’m always keen to click on. I love the quick, image-heavy format. Maybe why I dig IG so much. Whatever you end up doing, I hope it brings you happiness!

  5. Well, since you asked for total honesty, and I’m not one to peddle BS…I absolutely love your Friday Finds posts, and always click through when I see you tweet about them! In general though, I couldn’t tell you the last time I read a blog with ANY sort of regularity. If you aren’t loving doing this anymore and/or don’t have a specific goal or goals for this space, you should feel free to move on. That being said, I have total faith in you to be able to come up with something new and awesome that captures our attention once again!

  6. I think Kickstart sounds like a good idea…although I did not read your blog then so will be interested to see what it’s about. I understand how you can be over staring at a computer screen but somedays it saves my sanity!

  7. Kick Start would be cool to read again, but do what’s sustainable for you. Writing burnout isn’t a thing I’d wish on anyone. I also really enjoy the “Friday Finds” and look forward to seeing it every week. It’s nice seeing pattern picks that I might have skipped over.

  8. Love that Farmhouse Cardigan, it’s so toasty looking. I love your friday finds. If you want to try something new (I always feel that if you let a feature go, it was because you weren’t feeling it), what is it that you would most like to find on someone else’s blog as a regular feature? I find that is the sort of thing that might spur on some ideas. Or what about a weekly feature on combating burnout, or something like that?

  9. I love Friday finds and hope you can find another topic you enjoy but more than that I hope you find time for your own knitting!

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