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Kickstart: Yarn Love Challenge

It’s that month with all the red and pink crap (I’ll let you figure out how I feel about VD; yes I meant to write that). But Mary Heather and Christina at Ravelry have put together a fun social media campaign, called Yarn Love Challenge, and it only has a little bit of pink!

It’s primarily a challenge to post a photo to Instagram every day according to the day’s theme. If you’re not an Instagram user, you can also play along in the Ravelry group. And yeah it’s February so the month is half over, but you can still join in the fun! And it is actually fun—it’s a great way to think about your craft (knitting, crochet, whatever) in a manner that may be different than you usually do.

Today’s challenge is Selfie, and I love my Roam Tunic.

Join in the fun!

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