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FO: Japanese Lopi Sweater

I usually like to include the name of the pattern in my blog titles, but as this sweater is so sexily named #26 page 44, I simply called it Japanese Lopi Sweater. The “page 44” refers to the page number of the Japanese Iceland Lopi book (Etsy link), which is […]

My Favorite Fall Sweater

Andi over at Untangling Knots asked the impossible: show off your favorite fall sweater. The request itself is not so bad. There’s nothing harmful in asking people to show off their favorite sweater that they’ve knit themselves. OR IS THERE? Asking a knitter to choose their favorite anything is a […]

FO: Hiro

Say hello to Hiro! To say I am pleased with how this sweater turned out would be a most egregious understatement. I LOVE THIS SWEATER. Love it. As I mentioned at the beginning of the month, this was my entry into the National Knit a Sweater Month “competition”—it’s not an […]

Sweaterday: Keeping On

Not a lot has changed since we last saw Raindance. That’s not entirely true, it just looks as though not a lot has changed. See last week I was about halfway through the front yoke. This week, I’m done with the front yoke, the left shoulder and back, the right […]

Sweaterday: Two-Tone

I made so much progress on my Raindance over the last week! Spending seven hours in a car over the weekend on the way to and from Steamboat Springs will do that for a person. It’s a lot of stockinette stitch and pretty boring but great for being in a […]

Sweaterday: On to the Next One

I still haven’t finished blogging about I∂unn yet—hopefully there will be pictures taken today, of some sort—but I’ve already cast on for my next sweater. This month, the Sweater Odyssey group is knitting along to designs from Heidi Kirrmaier. I’m knitting Raindance using some of the Quince and Co Chickadee […]

Sweaterday: Swimming Along

I made a lot of progress on my I∂unn sweater this week. I brought four balls of yarn (which miraculously arrived the night before I left—a mailperson dropped them off around 7 PM, well after my regular mail had been delivered—I’m not sure what happened there), and knit all four […]

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