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What to do, what to do?

I have finished Chrysta’s Wedding Shawl. Sorry, no pictures until after the wedding, as I want Chrysta herself to see the full, finished product before anyone else, but I’m excited to have finished it. More details about the shawl when I post the final pictures. Finishing the shawl was like […]

The generosity of others

People can be incredibly awesome. I am quite frequently blown away by how awesome people can be. Take Preita for example. She recently celebrated her blogiversary, and in a truly Hobbit-like fashion decided to have a giveaway contest to celebrate. My number was drawn, which was a welcome change, as […]

I do like a challenge

A dear friend of mine is getting married in just two and a half weeks, and I am incredibly excited to be able to attend (wedding is in Colorado, I am in Florida, this is going to be the wedding for which I have traveled the farthest, and only the […]

A status report

I’ve finished a few projects and started a couple of others, so I figured I’d share. I gave into my impulse and bought some of the Limited Edition Lorna’s Laces colorway from Jimmy Beans Wool. The color for April was Robin’s Nest, and it was just so pretty. My Hedera […]

I love swaps

Swaps are great. They encourage getting to know new people, as well as accumulating karmic participation points. You get to buy stuff, guilt-free, because it’s for someone else, and then, you get stuff and it’s guilt-free too, because you didn’t buy it. Really, swaps are great. And they’re especially great […]

Let’s play a little game.

April 1 is apparently “Flash your Stash” day, among other days, and while I took photos of almost all of my stash on that day, I didn’t get around to posting them here. So now I am, and we’ll play a game. It’s called “can Amy name all the yarn […]

Public reaction

Last Thursday, I was sitting in a bookstore cafe waiting for some of my knitterly friends to arrive, working on my Hedera socks and flipping through the latest issue of Interweave Crochet. A woman came up and asked if I was learning to knit. I explained that no, I’ve been […]

A new adventure

Oh lord. Like I needed something else to take up time. This is all Gherkin’s fault. You see, she put this handspun up on her Etsy shop, and I couldn’t really resist it. I had to have it. You understand, right? So anyway, I buy this, and start petting it, […]

Pomatomus Socks

Last week, I finished my Pomatomus socks by Cookie A. I had started on them at the end of January, but put them down sometime in February to try and motivate myself to finish some other projects that had been on the needles for a very long time. The yarn […]