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Pomatomus Socks

Last week, I finished my Pomatomus socks by Cookie A. I had started on them at the end of January, but put them down sometime in February to try and motivate myself to finish some other projects that had been on the needles for a very long time. The yarn […]

Does souvenir yarn count as stash?

Sock yarn supposedly doesn’t count as stash, yet mysteriously does take up room in one’s luggage. Despite my … efforts (I would say “best efforts” but I’d be lying a little bit), my stash reduction program is not going quite as smashingly as I would have liked. Things are being […]

Sweet Honey Beret

I have returned from my mini-vacation to Maryland and I had a great time. I took a ton of photos including these finished object photos! Okay, since the hat is on me, I obviously didn’t take these, but you know what I mean. Faina Goberstein’s Sweet Honey Beret (Ravelry) caught […]

Sadly, not a knitting post

This is a crafting blog. Given that knitting takes up most of my time, it’s fitting to expect that knitting will take up most of the space here. But from time to time, I’ll also post things that I’ve crocheted or sewn, given that I also do those forms of […]

A Balancing Act

There are numerous adages and myths that revolve around the need for balance between good and evil, light and dark, chaos and harmony, etc. I don’t know if there’s one specifically related to crafting, but anyone who has ever chosen or felt called to making things by hand understands that […]

It just feels good

Apologies for getting on a soapbox so early in our blogging relationship, but this is just how the timing happened. I received my federal tax refund today, and getting extra money is always a good thing. I had made a promise to myself that when I got my tax refund, […]

The Current Cast of Characters

Might as well just jump right in and get everyone caught up, yes? First, though, please notice the new header I added this morning, featuring the Threadpanda mascot. The little guy doesn’t have a name, but he does love yarn. I’m working hard to get a few projects finished before […]

Threadpanda, Go!

Greetings all. I decided to separate my yarn-related chatter from my personal blog, and thus was born. All of my various craft-related projects are very personal to me. Likewise, many people from my personal life are interested in craft-related topics. I just felt like I needed one place where […]