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baby patterns

Pinterest argh!

I have a love-hate relationship with Pinterest. I was just briefly cruising it before heading out and saw this incredibly adorable baby jacket*… IT’S SO CUTE RIGHT CAN I GET FIVE IN MY SIZE IN DIFFERENT COLORS? Ahem. The caption under it said “Mini Boden Jacket, free pattern on Ravelry” […]

FO: Baby Parade

Lest anyone get the wrong idea, this is not a parade of babies. Rather, it’s a parade of knitted baby sweaters and a crocheted baby blanket that I’ve finished over the last few weeks. I could blog about each one separately but that would get real monotonous, real fast. Hence […]

Friday Finds

First Friday Finds of December, which is a pretty awesome month if you ask me. My birthday is later this month, next week The Hobbit comes out, and these are the last few days of another year! (Last few days of all times if you ask the Mayan believers, but […]

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