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New pattern!

I had hoped to come to you today with photos and discussion of a finished blanket (today being my “half-birthday”, my blanket being a birthday present to myself, there’s the connection), but lately, it’s been entirely too hot in my apartment to work on the blanket, so it’s not done. […]

Two incredibly disparate ideas

I believe I forgot to mention that I recently had the pleasure of meeting Ann Budd. Yes, The Ann Budd, prolific knitwear author and editor at Interweave Press. We didn’t have a chance to speak much, but I feel this is incredibly noteworthy for two reasons: One, it’s Ann Budd; […]

Come on Fall!

I’m from Florida. Our “Fall” is mostly just rain, rain, rain, with the possibility of lots of rain and really strong winds. None of the iconic images that come to mind when one thinks of Fall. Yeah, that doesn’t happen in Florida. But now that I live in Colorado, I […]

Secret knitting revealed!

Okay so it’s not really “secret” knitting. Remember the Hedera I knit a few months ago? I mentioned that I didn’t model them on my feet, as usual, because they were going to someone else. That someone else just happens to be the brilliant mastermind herself, Cookie A. as a […]


As an optimistic designer-in-waiting, as I like to think of myself (so many ideas, so little time to make them actually happen), I love love love reading how other designers find inspiration to arrive at their designs. Cookie A talks a little bit about inspiration in Sock Innovation, and she […]

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