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I do know better, really

I know better than to think that I can go to a fiber event and not buy anything. I must have gone a bit batty when I thought that I could. Allow me to explain. Last week, I discovered via one of the LYS’s Twitters that the 4th Annual KnitWear […]

Year of Natural Fibers

The United Nations General Assembly appointed 2009 as the International Year of Natural Fibres. They probably did this a while ago and I’ve just been living under a rock. I am totally in support of anything that emphasizes natural fibers. I mean, come on, which is cuter: or Exactly. BUT […]

The generosity of others

People can be incredibly awesome. I am quite frequently blown away by how awesome people can be. Take Preita for example. She recently celebrated her blogiversary, and in a truly Hobbit-like fashion decided to have a giveaway contest to celebrate. My number was drawn, which was a welcome change, as […]

Let’s play a little game.

April 1 is apparently “Flash your Stash” day, among other days, and while I took photos of almost all of my stash on that day, I didn’t get around to posting them here. So now I am, and we’ll play a game. It’s called “can Amy name all the yarn […]

A new adventure

Oh lord. Like I needed something else to take up time. This is all Gherkin’s fault. You see, she put this handspun up on her Etsy shop, and I couldn’t really resist it. I had to have it. You understand, right? So anyway, I buy this, and start petting it, […]

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