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Guest Post: Joanna of Slate Falls Press

Today’s guest post comes from Joanna of Slate Falls Press. Joanna is one half of the creative talent behind the incredibly beautiful Phoebe’s Sweater and today she’s here to share her adventures in leading a Quilt-A-Long for a spool quilt, inspired by lovable little Phoebe. Inspired by a fellow knitter […]

Guest Post: Sarah from Knit York City

I’ve talked about Sarah of Knit York City beforeā€”if you’re not already following her blog and subscribed to her YouTube channel, in which she chats with various wonderful people in the knitting industry, well, you are seriously missing out, my friends. Today Sarah’s sharing a bit about her background in […]

Guest Post: Kira on NaNoWriMo

Another detour into the realm of guest posts today! My friend Kira is not (yet) a crafter, though she has shown some interest in crocheted amigurumi and so I think it’s only a matter of time. However, Kira is participating in NaNoWriMo this year, and since NaBloPoMo is a kind […]

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