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handspun yarn

In with the new

Happy New Year, everyone! Aside from the travails of traveling, I had an excellent holiday with my family. I hope you had a wonderful time doing whatever makes you happy for the holidays. Of course, the best part about making Christmas gifts for people is showing them off after you’ve […]

Settling in

I am settling into my parents’ house in Florida (where it is most annoyingly in the 70s; Colorado’s been hit with yet another snow storm, so I gave up my White Christmas afterall). The journey here was incredibly annoying though not nearly as bad as it could have been. My […]

All quiet on the knitting front

Well, the knitting has been happening, but I’ve been pushing to finish my February Lady Sweater, and not really taking pictures of things. However, I did finish it, and I snapped some pics of other projects today, so here we go! Last weekend, which I thought was THE Knit in […]

Sunny days are here, for now

I believe that, if it doesn’t rain between now and the nighttime, we will have gone 48 hours without any rain whatsoever. Apparently, I’m feeling inspired by all the sunshine. Is it silly to want to buy these buttons and then find the perfect matching yellow yarn to knit a […]

A status report

I’ve finished a few projects and started a couple of others, so I figured I’d share. I gave into my impulse and bought some of the Limited Edition Lorna’s Laces colorway from Jimmy Beans Wool. The color for April was Robin’s Nest, and it was just so pretty. My Hedera […]

A new adventure

Oh lord. Like I needed something else to take up time. This is all Gherkin’s fault. You see, she put this handspun up on her Etsy shop, and I couldn’t really resist it. I had to have it. You understand, right? So anyway, I buy this, and start petting it, […]

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