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FO: Bonny

I FINISHED ANOTHER THING. Miracles! This here is Bonny, designed by Tincanknits. I’ve loved a lot of their patterns but haven’t knit one before now. I have to say, they write a good pattern—this one in particular (I can only speak to this one) is a little over-written, in my […]

FO: Glacerie Shawl

If you were reading along with the WIP Wednesday posts, you know this shawl gets to be a bit of a doozy. Glacerie by Hilary Smith Callis is one of those somewhat deceptive shawls, the ones that look super pretty and somehow you’re never quite prepared for the amount of […]

FO: Long Sands Cardigan

This is going to be a solid week of posting! I photographed my Glacerie shawl over the weekend, and just finished my Strathcona scarf last night (though will probably have to wait to take photos this weekend). It’s official—cooler weather = return of the knitting mojo. So Long Sands by […]

Month in Review: March 2013

Shhh, I know it’s four days into April. This is the first time I’ve really had a chance to write up this post. I mean, it’s happening at 3:30 in the morning on April 4, thanks to (I suspect) some temporary medications I’m on for a relatively low-key, as far […]

Guest Post: Sarah from Knit York City

I’ve talked about Sarah of Knit York City beforeā€”if you’re not already following her blog and subscribed to her YouTube channel, in which she chats with various wonderful people in the knitting industry, well, you are seriously missing out, my friends. Today Sarah’s sharing a bit about her background in […]


Oh friends. Today, I had a breakthrough. Though technically it could have partly happened yesterday. I was sitting at knitting group last night and noticed that the gal next to me was knitting right to left (as opposed to left to right), and I blurted out “you’re knitting backwards!” I’d […]

Haruni and Fashion

About a week or so ago, I finished my Haruni! I loved the way this came out, though I’m not in love with the pattern itself. I believe I discussed this before, but the “choose your own adventure” approach to knitting is both liberating and frustrating. However, I do greatly […]

A debut.

You all know that I knit socks, right? Like, a lot of socks. More socks than anyone living in Florida ever needed to knit. Yeah, that was me. Well all that crazy sock knitting has paid off in the form of my first published-in-print design: the Wasabi Peas Socks published […]

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