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loki scarf

Friday Finds: Avengers Assemble!

Super special Friday Finds this week! Some of you may have noticed that I kind of love The Avengers. If you haven’t, you clearly need to be following me on Twitter. (Or not, if that’s not you’re kind of thing, but COME ON.) In honor of the DVD and Blu-ray […]

FO: The Loki Scarf

This is it! The long-awaited post that will enable every one of you with a basic foundation of knitting and willingness to try out stranded colorwork to knit your very own Loki Scarf! And I bet approximately none of you will replicate my efforts because the way I did this […]

Month in Review: August 2012

Oh, August. You were supposed to be good to me. Instead, for the most part, you were pretty damned stressful. I didn’t talk about a lot of the things that were weighing on my mind, and that’s because this is my fun happy place, but a brief recap includes: my […]

Time to Buckle Down

T-one week to the day I hope to get Loki’s scarf in the mail to Jessi, so it’s time to seriously buckle down and bust a move on that. I’m in good shape and I’m optimistic I can log extra hours this weekend. So if no one hears from me […]

Month in Review: June 2012

June was a scorcher, that’s for sure. This was the scene one evening my living room. It was so hot inside the house that my Vera monster allowed me to pet her while I was holding an ice cube in my hand. Cat. Willingly getting wet. And even though we’re […]

A Tale of Two WIPs

Or, just how much my brain is not working at the moment. First up, a lesson in reading comprehension: “centimeters” and “inches” are not the same. I know this. I do! But when I was reading the pattern for my Folded sweater, I somehow got into my mind that I […]

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