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Guest Post: Kira on NaNoWriMo

Another detour into the realm of guest posts today! My friend Kira is not (yet) a crafter, though she has shown some interest in crocheted amigurumi and so I think it’s only a matter of time. However, Kira is participating in NaNoWriMo this year, and since NaBloPoMo is a kind […]

Friday Finds

Happy Friday! We’re staring down a cold and snowy weekend in Colorado, so basically, my plan is to stay inside as much as possible and knit away! Probably on the couch with a movie queue piled next to the blu-ray player. What are your favorite “homebody weekend” movies? Slipping Ridge […]

FO: Urchin Hat

For whatever reason, while taking pictures of my Urchin, I made the dumbest faces. And of course, felt the need to share them with all of you. Stupid faces aside, this is probably my new favorite hat. It’s Ysolda Teague’s clever Urchin hat, from Knitty Fall 2007. Constructed entirely in […]

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