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Project 365

Another week, some more photos! The theme this week was “oops, I forgot to take a photo earlier and now it’s stupidly dark… drat.” Day 18 – November 18 – Gingersnaps! Day 19 – November 19 – Arrangement Day 20 – November 20 – Cat toys everywhere Day 21 – […]

Project 365

I’m afraid I’m coming down with something and don’t have the energy for lots of words, so this is about all the preamble for this week’s Project 365 photos. Day 11 – November 11 – baby times Day 12 – November 12 – Drink Day 13 – November 13 – […]

Project 365

Another edition of Project 365! I’m having trouble getting into the swing of this during this time of year. In the U.S., we switched daylight savings last weekend, so this week, it’s been pretty dark when I leave the office a little after 5. The sun technically isn’t setting that […]

A good day for knitwear

I tried something new yesterday—sledding. Florida doesn’t really have hills and definitely doesn’t have snow, and my family was never one for traveling much in the winter, so I’d never really had a chance to try out snow sports like sledding. So it would have been a great day to […]

In with the new

Happy New Year, everyone! Aside from the travails of traveling, I had an excellent holiday with my family. I hope you had a wonderful time doing whatever makes you happy for the holidays. Of course, the best part about making Christmas gifts for people is showing them off after you’ve […]

Fevered knitting

It’s been a little while, hasn’t it? Apparently, when I get sick, I don’t want to post and it’s a struggle to even knit. And then when I do knit, I can’t do knitting math in my feverish head, so I’m kind of cranky with a certain project that I […]

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