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Domesticity and the Modern Gal

Like many crafters, I am constantly scanning the craft sections of bookstores for tomes to enlighten and inspire me in the ways of craftiness. I had been scoping out this book—The Gentle Art of Domesticity—for a while and I finally bought it with some money I’d received for Christmas. This […]

I do know better, really

I know better than to think that I can go to a fiber event and not buy anything. I must have gone a bit batty when I thought that I could. Allow me to explain. Last week, I discovered via one of the LYS’s Twitters that the 4th Annual KnitWear […]

What to do, what to do?

I have finished Chrysta’s Wedding Shawl. Sorry, no pictures until after the wedding, as I want Chrysta herself to see the full, finished product before anyone else, but I’m excited to have finished it. More details about the shawl when I post the final pictures. Finishing the shawl was like […]

A Balancing Act

There are numerous adages and myths that revolve around the need for balance between good and evil, light and dark, chaos and harmony, etc. I don’t know if there’s one specifically related to crafting, but anyone who has ever chosen or felt called to making things by hand understands that […]

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